Thursday, May 27, 2010

Robot Profile 2

I tried a different approach this time- almost more comic-book style. Still trying to develop my own style. Have a great Thursday


Daniel said...

Love the texture, can't wait to see more.

Anonymous said...

I see a lot of progress but it does take time and you are learning fast, how do you learn this by the way? because i love doodling and i want to try to do this to my art.

Marcus Hadlock said...


There are several ways to learn- and about 5,000 different tutorials all over the web. I have been reading tutorials from different people for a while- as well as watching youtube videos of the painting process. I recently got a tutorial from Gnomon ( that has helped me a lot as well.

More than anything though- it takes experimenting. Just jump in and start playing with it and try different peoples methods and see what one works for you. I use a little bit of this a little of that and am still trying to develop my own niche.

Also id say a tablet is a must! It took some getting used-to, but now I long for it when I am away from it :) You can pick those up pretty cheap at times online. I saw one on craigslist (older one) for 25 dollars. All I have right now is an old wacom- look around and pick one up if you dont have one yet. And thanks for visiting my blog :) good luck!

Justin said...

marcus your doodles are tight man. i love your creativity...i'm a walking and talking advertisement for I serously tell everyone at work to look at it and check it out. its fun. keep it up brotha!

Jingle said...

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