Monday, May 10, 2010

1 Year

So a year ago today, I got this crazy idea to do a new doodle every-day. 1 year later I have not missed a day! I have come up with some fun illustrations and created unique characters. If not anything else, I now have a personal illustration diary of the last year of my life. I hope that It has also entertained some of you, and continues to do so in times to come. Thanks for all who visit and appreciate my doodles! Have a great Monday-


Daniel said...


Really this is quite an accomplishment. One of my favorite quotes is:

"Successful men do daily, what failures only do occationally."

Your daily dedication is what I appreciate most about your page. The drawing do make me smile from time to time as well. I hope you keep it up.

Anonymous said...

You're awesome Marcus. What a great way to share your talent and put a smile on faces. Keep it up, you're doing great!!!

Amber said...

Good Job Marcus!!! Your blog is super awesome, your dedication to your passion is even more awesome!!