Friday, September 3, 2010

Fun with da Bears

Time for another game- I have not done one for a while... How many differences can you find between the two images? I think there are 20 of them... Have a great Friday!


DJ said...

1. Top one has a lizard.
2. Right Bears Eyes bigger in top pic.
3. More honey on left bear in top pic.
4. no belly button on right bear in top pic.
5. knot in tree is different.
6. 4 bees in bottom one
7. Turtles eyes in bottom are bigger.
8. No duck in pond in bottom pic.
9. Tutrle has diff shell scheme.
10. Squirell has sunglasses on one pic
11. Squirell has tail tied in top pic.
12. two ferns in bac ground on top.
13. Rock on right has moss on bottom pic
14. Right tree branch on bottom has 2 branches.
15. Right bear has mo hawk in top pic.
16. Right bear has claws in bottom pic.
17. Squirell has teeth in bottom pic.

Thats all i got... what am i missin?

DJ said...

This was fun man. It killed 20 mins of work for me. I officially request more of these. :)

Tina said...

I can't believe I missed this, I'll have to show it to Kaelin.