Friday, December 11, 2009

Itto (Lone Wolf 2100 Fanart)

ITTO Lone Wolf 2100 Fan-art drawing
So here is this months Super-doodle- a little late because of my vacation. I am sure not many of you have ever heard of Lone Wolf 2100 like you have not heard of "Wizards" in the last post. Lone Wolf 2100 is a comic book series ( Yes, I know I am a nerd. I am ok with this ) that I really liked by artist Francisco Ruiz Velasco ( one of my favorite artists ever ) - I decided to include two versions- one that I fancied up in Photoshop, and the original drawing I did in Flash. I liked them both and could not really decide which i liked better- which do you like better? Anyway- Have a great Friday!

Original Drawing
ITTO Lone Wolf 2100 Fan-art drawing


DJ said...

im diggin the one that you played with. haha dont know this comic either though! Sorry man

Matt said...

oohhh good one brosiv. its awesome.

Nanuni Kokoritu said...

Nice one!