Friday, January 14, 2011

Go Ninja!

Yikes! Is it January 14th already?!? Not long ago I talk about wanting to get with the program and start doing daily posts again and then I trip and fall on my stinking face! :) I had a stroke of bad-luck during the Holiday... I got Bronchitis and was a sick duck for practically the whole break. All of my plans of creating awesome arts and working on games was foiled and instead I just played games, coughed, and slept. I did not even get to finish my Christmas doodle! New Years Eve I was in bed for the night at 9:30... how lame am I? I obviously cant blame not doodling until now all on being sick though... I have something to admit to you all. I have an addiction. Being sick made it worse... no doubt- it also helped me realize how destructive this addiction can be! My addiction is Video Games! My name is Marcus Hadlock and I am a video-game-a-holic! There, I said it! my wife would say "I TOLD YOU SO!" and feel triumphant! I have finally realized after feeling like a lump on the bottom of a swamp looking at how UN-CREATIVE I have been the past couple of weeks... I let a lot of opportunities fade away... and probably lost some trust and confidence in some people who expected me to perform and I didn't. I realize this now and I am going to be better! Awesome even! I am not going to stop playing video games though... why would I? I am just going to limit myself! Be responsible and stuff...

Ok enough ranting... This post is a ninja I drew up on paper during a meeting. I doodle on paper all of the time- I bet I could easily post for missed days with just the doodles on one note-pad on my desk. Instead of trying to do that though, I will just make sure to stay motivated and be better moving forward. I hope all of those who once watched me and checked my blog from time to time haven't un-bookmarked and forgotten about me! I hope to win all of your trust back! The time of ADailyDoodle is here once again! The king has returned! (I recently re-watched "The Lion King" With my daughter...) Have a great Friday!

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Reaper said...

haha we'll see ;) Glad your back Simba..