Thursday, October 28, 2010


Who is the Dope? Looks like I am! It is no secret that I have missed a few days this Month. I had a good run though- Over a year without missing a day. I have to admit part of me wanted to wash my hands and consider it a job well done, while another overzealous part of me wanted to do it forever and ever and ever and ever... and I tried to do just that. Turns out I let myself get behind. Although I have built this blog up as being ADailyDoodle and providing Daily Doodles for a good run of 365+ days- It will now be a some-days daily doodle :) My goal was accomplished to keep me more creative, and now I have more projects than I can handle (almost!) a lot of which have come from my dedication to this blog. I am working on several games and am really enjoying it! Thanks to everybody for your support and I hope you still check back as I will at the very very very least post weekly. Have a great Thursday!

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