Friday, April 23, 2010


"Ooo... Shiney" - This is a character from the game Pox-Nora- Have a great Friday


Daniel said...

These guys are like dog doo, I was coming to your blog hopping to see my snakedancer and, Yuck, I stepped in Moga.

lol, on a side note you did REALLY good, I think you could get a fairly good following if you built some of these up then posted them on the forums, or w/ your permission I could. I love the touch of the mini Nora Globe. Seriously, Great Job.

Cindy said...

i was hoping it was monsters doing yoga, but i guess this is cool too!

Daniel said...

I was looking at this even more, it is so neat how you can see the blue glow of the Nora globe on the Moga's face, chest, and arm. Seriously this is some great FanArt.

You, you got a gift.