Thursday, January 7, 2010

Little Big Planet Give-Away

Time for another Giveaway! I have not done one for a while as things have been crazy! I am excited about this give-away, however, and hope others get excited about it too.

Brazier & Co. is a Toy Company in the UK. They contacted me and wanted to use some of my characters in their logo. I then helped them produce the logo below:
They where recently contracted by Sony to create a load of Sackboy figures from the popular game "Little Big Planet". My friend Mark Brazier sent me a few Sack Boy figures out of gratitude for the work I did on his logo.

I am now pleased to give away 3 of these figures (and 2 keychains) for this months giveaway. To enter the give-away competition all you have to do is leave a comment on this post, and shoot me an e-mail letting me know that you left a comment. I NEED the e-mail so I have a way to contact you if you are one of the five winners. Shoot me an e-mail so I can then reply to it to get your address and send you your sack-boy prize!

If you don't think you need or would enjoy a sack-boy figure, please tell some of your friends that you know that might! They are pretty rad!

In the comment I would like you to answer one of the following questions:

1. How can I make ADailyDoodle better?
2. What do you like about ADailyDoodle?
3. How does ADailyDoodle make you feel?

You have until the end of the month, January 31'st to post your comment. I will be selecting the best answers as the 3 winners. I also have 2 Little Big Planet Keychains I will give away for the 2 funniest most bizarre answers. So you have 5 chances of winning.


How to enter:
1. Leave a comment on this post answering one of the following questions:

  • How can I make ADailyDoodle better?
  • What do you like about ADailyDoodle?
  • How does ADailyDoodle make you feel?

  • 2. Send me a quick email with the subject "Sack Boy Giveaway" and simply write "I left a comment" (Or something to that effect) in the body of the e-mail.
    E-mails go to yellowbouncyball[at]

    What can I win?
    You have 3 chances to win a sack-boy figure for the best answer, and 2 chances to win for the most bizarre / funny answer.

    What is the deadline?
    You have until January 31'st to enter the contest.

    Who can enter?
    Anybody and everybody! Tell your friends, your kids, your kids friends and your friends kids!


    Amber said...

    A Daily Doodle ROCKS! It gives me a chance to appreciate art everyday, keep it up!! :D

    JER said...

    # How can I make ADailyDoodle better?
    -hmm its already pretty sweet, maybe add some monthly animations or games...

    # What do you like about ADailyDoodle?
    -i like the daily concept, keeps people flowing back

    # How does ADailyDoodle make you feel?
    -like a kid again

    K2 said...

    How can I make ADailyDoodle better?
    More garlic. Garlic is too often under-used and misunderstood. Garlic and alphabetization.

    What do you like about ADailyDoodle?
    The consistency. We live in mad times. (Mad!)

    How does ADailyDoodle make you feel?
    Like a ninja, a pirate, an alien, a monk, a sumo wrestler, a who-knows-what with wriggly arms, a poet, a lover, and like I'm wearing an epic Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt.

    Joe said...

    How can you make it better?
    Women in bikinis and beer....actually I agree with more animations.

    What do I like about it?
    through your site I am able to live out my dream to be a ninja pirate

    How does it make me feel?
    warm and tiggly... no wait that is something else. So I will go with inspired. I know that this site is an expression of a dream for the owner. And seeing that someone else is not giving up on a dream makes me want mine more.

    Joe Larson said...

    # How can I make ADailyDoodle better?
    My knee-jerk reaction is make it a webcomic. Have either a defining narrative or just a bunch of random. Just your reactions to the world, doesn't even have to be funny, just quirky. I hate to recommend this because there's already a slew of webcomics out there, but if you want to increase your audience you need a draw. Pander, give them something to show their friends.

    "Hey, look at this website where some dude is making random drawings." "Meh."

    "Hey, look at this website where this dude is: making fun of/ drawing your favorite .../ did a funny cartoon about .../ making a cool story" "Bookmark'd"

    # What do you like about ADailyDoodle?
    I know the artist personally. Seriously, aside from that the site really don't have much of a draw for me.

    # How does ADailyDoodle make you feel?
    Medeocre art in a style I don't care for. Pushing no boundaries, trying nothing new. "Meh" pretty much sums it up.

    yeko said...

    How can I make ADailyDoodle better?
    A daily doodle is fine the way it is.!

    What do you like about ADailyDoodle?
    i like how you can request something to be doodled!!

    How does ADailyDoodle make you feel?
    A daily doodle makes me feel fuzzy inside

    Ric said...

    I like ADailyDoodle because it shows up in my FaceBook. I like things that are cross-linked into FB so I don't have to go to 15 different sites each day to see what's happening.

    ADD makes me feel... a little weird, truthfully. The drawings are just odd enough to be reminiscent of an anime Picasso, but not so much that I want my eyes to both be on the wrong side of my head so I can see it right. They're a little melty, and I like the style.

    G-Reg Swain said...

    Dude Daily Doodle hooks me up with A wicked background for my phone everyday

    Anonymous said...

    I dont know what A Daily Doodle is, but want a Sackboy figure. I heard of it on a website so here I am.

    Anonymous said...

    oh ya im at or DEE-JAY98 on PS3

    Lisa said...

    3. How does ADailyDoodle make you feel?

    A daily doodle makes me feel fuzzy of course. Warm and fuzzy.

    Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

    ohh giveaway! I'm a new viewer but I like what I see so far, love the 12 days of christmas doodles! good stuff!

    giraffe said...

    1. How can I make ADailyDoodle better?
    I think it's great the way it is. The site's not too formal and not too laid back...just right.

    2. What do you like about ADailyDoodle?
    I can come here everyday and be amazed. And inspired (to create something new, everyday).

    3. How does ADailyDoodle make you feel?
    Makes me feel like a kid again! All happy and fuzzy and warm inside.

    jojo said...

    How can I make ADailyDoodle better?
    - maybe change the colour of your background (currently light pink) - it doesn't bring out your images.

    What do you like about ADailyDoodle?
    - it's filled with so much inspiration - i'm trying to draw more so when I look at this website, it makes me think "hey, what if I did this & this..."

    How does ADailyDoodle make you feel?
    - inspired.

    Trae said...

    # How can I make ADailyDoodle better?
    Get new tiling your bathrooms, repaint the walls, reshingle the roof, fix your heater, and, for god's sake, get an exterminator for that roach problem.

    # What do you like about ADailyDoodle?
    Your heater's broken, and your creepy neighbors keep staring at me from the window after I take a shower, so I don't think I like it here very much.

    # How does ADailyDoodle make you feel?
    Cold. And nasty. Those damned roaches. I can't wait until you get a promotion, then we can move somewhere nicer, like we always dreamed. Too bad your boss is a prick.

    For serious answers:

    # How can I make ADailyDoodle better?
    I don't know a whole lot about blogs, but It would be nice if it actually fit my page. For the moment, it fills the middle and leaves a lot of awkward space to the sides. A different background color would be nice as well. The same as goes for any artist, if you want to improve things, work on your art, though that doesn't seem to be a problem. Other than that, I have nothing but good comments for you.

    # What do you like about ADailyDoodle?
    The art is quite likable, and the shirts are nice. The changing image at the top is certainly a nice touch, and the appearance of your portfolio is great. I also like the basic layout, though it doesn't fit my page. The concept of a doodle a day is very cool, and you seem to be pretty consistent in updating.

    # How does ADailyDoodle make you feel?
    Better than most blogs do. I like the style of your art, so it makes me feel happy seeing it. And warm. Like a giant panda hugged me.

    Anonymous said...

    #1 How can I make ADailyDoodle better?

    well the only thing i would say is maybe clean up some of the clutter...

    im not a fan of seeing fifty different "add me" gizmos filling up the page...

    i understand your trying to accumulate hits, but id say it looks like your trying too hard...

    #2 What do you like about ADailyDoodle?

    i like what it is your trying to achieve, i wish i had the kind of dedication it takes to make a doodle a day, ive been trying but... well anyways

    i also like that you are trying to succeed as an artist with fairly simple art, sort of bare bones cartoons.

    thats what you like and thats what your good at right? or is it just what you perfer? either way it gives average shmoes like me a bit of hope.

    # 3 How does ADailyDoodle make you feel

    uhhhh good? yeah... good! this is the first time ive seen adailydoodle, and as ive already expressed how your art makes me feel, all i can say about your website, is that it feels a bit commercial...

    which is fine! but im being honest here...

    Musouka said...

    I have never found your site before, but as an animation student I have bookmarked it and will start checking back. I think it would be cool to see some animation, maybe have some contests or a page where others can upload their drawings if they like and they are in the same flavor as your stuff. I also really like that you take peoples ideas and will draw them, that is really cool. I think its truly awesome to do a doodle a day, I wish I had the skill and drive to do that, time to start drawing again.
    Your site makes me feel silly and fun, and it makes me want to start drawing with my hands instead of the computer more. Your stuff has a definite original flavor so I encourage you to keep up the work. Nice job, I'll have a look back here periodically.

    FlashyGregory said...

    Aw man! I want one!

    How can I make ADailyDoodle better?
    -I dont think you can dude, it's great stuff!

    What do you like about ADailyDoodle?
    -I like the simplistic design of the drawings. They're so interesting without too much unnecissary detail, and I love that.

    How does ADailyDoodle make you feel?
    -Happy/inspired. It brightens up my day. :)

    a-happy-doodle said...

    How Can I Make ADailyDoodle Better?
    -I think you need animation or little minigames with your doodles in them!

    What Do You Like About ADailyDoodle?
    -Well,I love to draw and doodle in class and at home,so I like to see what you have been doodling to give me some ideas!

    How Does ADailyDoodle Make You Feel?
    -It makes me happy to see people so interested in doodling as I am!

    I sent an Email with the address

    Dan Allen said...

    How does ADailyDoodle make you feel?
    Makes me feel so creatively *challenged* But it's all good just mean that i'm not meant to draw but i'm here to be a critics, so here goes (keep up the good work, never let anything stand in your way, if there something in the way draw around it!)

    How can I make ADailyDoodle better?
    you can learn how to draw! lol
    you are doing such a good job you don't need are advise, keep doing what you do best well for me you put a smile on my face when i see you creativity, thanks a bunch

    What do you like about ADailyDoodle?
    I like that you are original that what set you apart from other, i like that you are different from other that what make you , you

    Daniel said...

    What can a Daily Doodle do better?

    How about some 3D drawings, you know the ones, the classic put on your Red and Blue glasses that came with some of your kids DVD's and actually use them...That would be awseome.

    What do I like best about a Daily Doodle...

    Your Consistant Dedication towards a goal. It is something I am still trying to develop.

    Tina said...

    I'm not really entering the contest, because it's probably too late, but I love ADailyDoodle because when I have to new emails or facebook/blog comments I KNOW I can come here to see something new, and usually unexpected. I also love that even though we don't live so close to each other I still get a little bit of Marcus everyday. And last but not least, I love that you did doodles for Kaelin and Sean and got them perfect.

    I like the idea of games or animations. I really like the stick figure ninjas fighting on your old site, and how you could decorate that man.

    Plus, I love the sack-boys. We got to play that game over Christmas break. It was quite enjoyable to play and to watch. Congratulations on deciding the logo!

    Anonymous said...

    How can I make ADailyDoodle better?

    I'd use actual screenshots of the game instead of the cartoony ones. Make the site look more legit.

    What do you like about ADailyDoodle?

    It's nice to know that people here still care about the game. Updates on the official forums are few and far between.

    How does ADailyDoodle make you feel?

    Makes me feel a little fuzzy Sackfolk. ;)

    :(Gaia:) said...

    Well Haia from Gaia
    (rednikaiaG from Newgrounds), YellowBouncyBall=)! ! ! ! !
    This is SO random, Ok? get a load of this, ah-ite? I ran across your "Skull Keeper" pic on NG, rummagin' through Le Art Portal. I REALLY liked your style, so I clicked on your name to check out your userpage. Then, what do my wandering eyes fall upon?
    A Sack Boy Give-Away?!?!?!
    What the?!?!
    This is great, yellowbouncyball! I'm almost mad that I hadn't seen your work before on Newgrounds. *shakes my left fist in the air at myself, angrily*
    Yeah, Ok, back to the matter at hand. . . Answer one of the three questions, you provided. How's about this? Let's say I answer all 3 of 'em! Eh?
    1=How can I make ADailyDoodle better? First off, I'd like to steer clear of kissing your buttocks, and leave you with this. If you were contacted by a FABulous toy manufacturer, Brazier & Co. and THEY were contacted by Sony, to commision some Sack Boy toys, seems to me, you're doing JUST what you should be doing. *reaches out and pats you on the back* Maybe you should stick with your gut, and not try to please EVERYone else. Good Job, Man! That's cool, cool beans you got going on, there. I can only HOPE for some sort of artistic validation, like that before I die.
    You're gonna go far, Kid!
    2=What do you like about ADailyDoodle? Well, I like the fact that EVERYday, you're greeted with a cute picture and a few written words to brighten your day. Not to mention the fact, that this site is safe and clean enough to show your Gramma, Kids you might babysit or have yourself, heck, I don't even think Laura Ingalls would be offended by this place! <3 It's not too often you find sites that are age appropriate for EVERYone.
    That's a suh-weet deal!
    3=How does ADailyDoodle make you feel? ADD makes me feel like I can't concentrate and I'm ALWAYS so full of energ. . . wait a minute. That's my disorder, NOT this place, oh yeah. ADailyDoodle, makes me feel like I'm not the only one in the World with a bit of innocence worn on their sleeves these days. This place reminds me, that no matter how dorky, or nerdy, or goofy I feel, there are others JUST like me out there in interwebz land.
    So, in closing (seeing as how I'm apparently the only person who has a tendency to ramble on and on, from looking at all the other comments already left)cause I KNOW you're just waiting for that, for me to close. *squints my eyes at you* Yeah, but in closing, I just wanna commend you on giving so many people a friendly and joyful start to their days. Not only do you offer them a cute little picture to look at, but you give them smiles and random, passing thoughts too, as they gaze at your unique artwork. *stops typing, goes back to proofread, and then draws in a long, deep relaxing breath*
    Even if I don't win a Sack Boy toy or a keychain, I wish nothing but the best for you, YBB! Here's to lookin' forward to another favorite artist on NG as well! Yayz! Hey, and if you DO ever get into animation, you got yourself a pretty goofy Voice Actress, right here. And some prior comment said something about a webcomic. You know, that's not such a bad idea, Man. Until we may type again. . .

    .........Take care, be good and keep on creating cuteness, cause Gawd knows, the World, NEEDS it.period

    Daniel said...

    Another thing I like about a Daily Doodle:

    The everchanging background. Even that is rarely the same for long. Its fun to see the whole site revamped from time to time.

    sebastian said...

    Adailydoodle gives me inspiration to keep drawing and getting better:)

    Daniel said...

    Ways to make it better...

    You should make a header that looks just like the google logo, only says doodle, maybe even have the g's be upside down for the d's and call it good. lol.

    How does A daily Doodle make me feel?

    Close to you, oh oh, o ohhh. Close to you.